Water and Effluents

We will reduce our water footprint in all the countries where we operate and at clients’ sites by 2020.

Water and Effluents 

Why Does Sodexo Engage?


Despite the fact that most of our planet is covered in water, less than 1% is available for people to drink and for agriculture. As an international company we are aware of the community and business impacts of water scarcity and the need to conserve potable water.


How Does Sodexo Engage?


Sodexo has defined an understanding and ability to measure Sodexo’s water footprint (defined as the total amount of water used for the production or the consumption of goods and consumed services). In partnership with the WWF, we have identified “hot spots” where we need to focus our attention and define the actions to be taken. And we continue to train our employees on water-related issues.